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Welcome to

The Great Womb Awakening 2

Global Event!

Here is the full schedule of all speakers, their interview topics, & their free gifts to you!

Please Note: These interviews will air

 between June 20 to 24, 2022.

All interviews are available FREE for 48 hours

(2 full days) after they initially aired. 

All the Free Gifts are Available indefinitely.

You can access the free gifts by clicking on the

Click Here next to the speaker's name.

If you’d like to own the full set of 25 interviews in downloadable video (mp4), for the low price of

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Monday, June 20

Kathy Forest           10:00 am
Interview Topic: Your Amazing Female Body
Click Here to access Kathy's Replay and Free Gifts!


Cayelin Castell            12 pm
Interview Topic: The Great Womb Awakening 2.0  Click Here to access Cayelin's Replay and Free Gifts!


Lainie Love Dalby        12 pm
Interview Topic:  Awakening Our Ecstatic Womb
Click Here to access Lainie's Replay and Free Gifts!

Lainie Headshot.jpg

Alexandra Pope (Red School) 
12 pm
Interview Topic: Menopause: The Great Awakener
Click Here to access Alexandra's Replay and Free Gifts!


Jewels Wingfield             12 am
Interview Topic: Wombdala - leading from deep listening
Click Here to access Jewels' Replay and Free Gifts!


Tuesday, June 21

Dr. Rima Bonario            10 am

Interview Topic: Remember Why You are Here: Awakening to the Divine Feminine Mission

Click Here to access Rima's Replay and Free Gifts!


RimaBonario new.jpg

Marguerite  Rigoglioso        10 am
Interview Topic: Ancient Hidden Teachings about Your Womb Power Now Revealed
Click Here to access Marguerite's Replay and Free Gifts!

Marguerite Rigogloso 2.jpg

Flora Ware                      10 am

Interview Topic: Silent No More: Healing & Freeing Your Voice

Click Here to access Flora's Replay and Free Gifts!


Maya Zacharow             10 am
Interview Topic: From Primordial Womb to Standing on the Shoulders of Giants! ~ The Women in My Life 
Click Here to access Maya's Replay and Free Gifts!

Maya Zacharow.jpeg

Linda Star Wolf, PhD          10 am
Interview Topic: Shamanic Womb Wisdom
Click Here to access StarWolf's Replay and Free Gifts!


Wednesday, June 22

Jennifer Kay                     10 am
Interview Topic: Breaking Free From Toxic Relationships
Click Here to access Jennifer's Replay and Free Gifts!

Jennifer Kay.jpg

Yeshe Chodron               10 am

Interview Topic: The Blossoming Rose You Are: A Trauma-Informed Conversation About Your Womb-space As The Center of Your Soul Growth

Click Here to access Yeshe's Replay and Free Gifts!

Yeshe 2.jpg

Mare Cromwell               10 am

Interview Topic: The Creatrix & Mother Gaia Call for the Awakening of our "Womb-Heart"!

Click Here to access Mare's Replay and Free Gifts!

Mare Cromwell.jpg

Astara Jane Ashley           10 am

Interview Topic:  The Body as Your Divine Scribe: How to access the power of your authentic message and make the impact you desire!

Click Here to access Astara's Replay and Free Gifts!


Astara036_cropped (1).jpg

Aurora Farber                   10 am

Interview Topic: The Power of Pleasure, Presence and Play!

Click Here to access Aurora's Replay and Free Gifts!

Aurora 2.png

Thursday, June 23


Sara Estelle Turner           10 am

Interview Topic: The Magic of Essences for Daily Life

Click Here to access Sara's Replay and Free Gifts!

Sara Turner new.jpg

Rachel Pfotenhauer          10 am

Interview Topic: Stepping into the Trinity of your Soul, Earth and Yourself- in actionable steps

Click Here to access Rachel's Replay and Free Gifts!

Rachel Pfotenhauer.png

Phoenix Na Gig                10 am

Interview Topic: United! YOUR Womb and YOUR Heart are the Divine Key that Unlocks You to the Great Mystery!

Click Here to access Phoenix's Replay and Free Gifts!



Tayria Ward                   10 am

Interview Topic: Listening to the Space Between Heartbeats

Click Here to access Tayria's Replay and Free Gifts!


Tayria Ward.jpg

Dionne Ruff-Sloan           10 am Interview Topic: Sacred Dance ~ Sacred Prayer

Click Here to access Dionne's Replay and Free Gifts!

Dionne Golden Goddess.JPG

Friday, June 24

Amelia Perkins                10 am

Interview Topic: The Healing Power of Pleasure: Experiments to Get Out of a Rut and Birth Something New

Click Here to access Amelia's Replay and Free Gifts!


Amelia Perkins GWA photo.png

Michelle Orwick             10 am
Interview Topic: Healing the Root Chakra to get to the Womb
Click Here to access Michelle's Replay and Free Gifts!


Elizabeth Wood                10 am

Interview Topic:   Running Kali Power 

Click Here to access Elizabeth's Replay and Free Gifts!

Elizabeth Wood.png

Leslie Fell     10 am
Interview Topic:  Be the Change: Wisdom from Elders and Life's Experiences
Click Here to access Leslie's Replay and Free Gifts!

Leslie fell.jpg

Brooke Medicine Eagle     10 am
Interview Topic: BUFFALO WOMAN & THE WOMB: Our Greatest Power
Click Here to access Brooke's Replay and Free Gifts!


Each day, the interviews will air as shown above.

YES, you can watch all of the interviews COMPLETELY FREE, while the event is live!

However … This is a unique & never-to-be-found-again collection of talks offering powerful healing from some of today’s most cutting-edge thought leaders.

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